Bruno Fazzolari

Monserrat Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    This is no department-store fruity floral. It comes from Bruno Fazzolari, a visual artist based in San Francisco, who combines elements of his visual art with his olfactory art -- all guided by his synesthesia -- to create contemporary scents in a classic style. We have multiple favorites in his line, and one is Monserrat, a bright, warm citrus that manages to be both lush and dry. The grapefruit-drenched opening features pops of green, and the floral heart blooms into a sheer wash of peachy jasmine. Sounds like the definition of "fruity floral," but Monserrat is anything but textbook. It eschews sugar in favor of dryness, and this arid effect makes Monserrat a fascinating work: a balanced, technically intricate, and surprising re-interpretation of a genre that badly needed some re-interpretation. Fun fact: Fazzolari says that when he was creating Monserrat, he was inspired by fresco painting, which is where we get the fantasy note of "setting plaster." Notes include pink grapefruit, apricot, green leaves, carrot seed, osmanthus, jasmine, white musk, and setting plaster. 
  • Bruno Fazzolari is a San Francisco-based visual artist and self-taught independent perfumer. He creates modern fragrances in a classical style.