Mate, Heliotrope & Patchouli

By Dame Perfumery Scottsdale

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    Mate, Heliotrope & Patchouli, like all six debut scents from Dame Perfumery Scottsdale, is exactly what the name says. Mate is the bright top note that smells of the famous South American tea; heliotrope is the pretty floral heart; and patchouli is the warm sensual, dry down. The pairing of soothing mate with vibrant heliotrope is perfection, and a few sprays, first thing in the morning, puts smiles on our faces. The full list of notes includes mate, lime zest, aldehydes, heliotrope, iris, tiare flower, patchouli, and amber. 
  • Dame Perfumery Scottsdale is the creation of Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborates on the project with his son, Cullen, a budding scent aficionado and artist, with whom he has built a new line of modern American perfumes. The new Dame Perfumery Scottsdale, opening this fall, will be a friendly, social place to explore perfume in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Like all of the scents from Dame Perfumery Scottsdale, Mate, Heliotrope & Patchouli was inspired by the joy that perfume can bring into our lives. It's meant to convey the fresh face of modern American perfumery: fun, beautiful, optimistic, and easy to wear.

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