March 2015: Inspiration is Everywhere

By Olfactif

  • Perfume can be a work of art, and like any product of creative expression, it is born of inspiration. From where? From anywhere. A person, a place, a painting. An experience, an emotion, a texture. The spark of inspiration can come from unlikely sources, calling your attention to a piece of the universe that you might otherwise never have noticed. Just like that, your world becomes richer, more nuanced, more colorful—and the inspiration has been passed on to you. 

    • Neon Graffiti by Jazmin Sarai—Inspired by the M.I.A. song "Sunshowers," Neon Graffiti is neon colors on wet cement. The top is bursting with zesty citrus notes, a lush, green-leaf accord, and the spiciness of cardamom and fresh mint.
    • Blood Sweat Tears by Atelier de Geste—Inspired by a choreographed set of movements, Blood Sweat Tears is a flowing, pulsating, mutating scent featuring the essences that keep us moving in our daily lives: teas, tobacco, jasmine, ancient fruit.
    • 1804 by Histoires de Parfums—1804 is inspired by Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, born in Paris on July 1, 1804. But if you know her at all, you probably know her as George Sand, the pen name she used as one of France's celebrated novelists. In 1804, her inspiration is captured in a surprising composition that puts juicy pineapple front and center, surrounded by tropical tiare flowers in bloom.
    • Features 3 fragrance samples in 2.25 ml glass vials
    • Includes enough perfume for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • Presented in the Olfactif signature black slider box

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