Luctor et Emergo

By The People of the Labyrinths

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    If there's one scent that appears on every perfumista's must-smell list, it is Luctor et Emergo. The iconic scent from Dutch design house The People of the Labyrinths is unforgettable from the first spray, with a boozy hit of cherry, almond, and tobacco, which transforms into a smoky, soft, woodsy base sweetened with spicy vanilla. The common thread in people's descriptions of Luctor et Emergo -- which translates from Latin as "I struggle and emerge" -- is that it smells like no other perfume yet still is familiar and comforting, like a hint of nostalgia that's hard to pin down. Each laboratory flask bottle comes packaged in a red velvet box wrapped in a hand-dyed scarf. Notes include green grass, white flowers, vanilla, almond, sour cherry, and precious woods. 
  • The nose behind Luctor et Emergo is Allesandro Gualtieri, who created this scent in collaboration with Geert de Rooij and Hans Démoed, the designers of The People of the Labyrinths.
  • After a decade of fresh, airy, watery fragrances in the 1990s, Luctor et Emergo made a dramatically different statement and set a milestone in perfume history. Inspired by 19th century fin-de-siècle perfumes, this perfume is a sensual, natural and meditative perfume, composed out of fresh grasses, many different flowers, vanilla, and precious woods.

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