Lira sample

  • This is a 1.75 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    How to describe Lira? One look at that gorgeous art nouveau bottle and you know she's theatrical. The first spray is an entrancing rush of beauty that's hard to shake off (although we confess to not even trying). From the first moment, Lira is—and remains—bright and full of Mediterranean warmth, and that caramelized vanilla undertone that grabs us every time is balanced by a medley of the prettiest lavender, rose, and jasmine we've smelled in a good, long while. In every way—in the striking, unforgettable scent, in the satisfying heft of the bottle in your hand, in the beautiful brunette whose expression pulls us in—Lira is an experience, and a very special one at that. Notes include blood orange, bergamot, lavender, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, cinnamon, licorice, vanilla, and caramel.
  • Xerjoff is an Italian niche luxury house created by Sergio Momo and Dominique Salvo in 2003. Its aim is to produce fragrance art that incorporates other senses—striking design for the eye; sturdy, high-quality flacons for touch—to create an immersive experience for perfume lovers. 
  • Lira is meant to call to mind the beautiful woman on the bottle.