Juliette Has a Gun

Juliette Has a Gun- Discovery Set

  • Discover Juliette Has a Gun's most coveted weapons of seduction. All of them, proudly made in France and designed to make you feel confident, sexy and proud of your feminity. This set comes with 7 x 1.7ml and 1 x 5ml.

    • Ego Stratis is an ode to gender fluidity, this new launch sits firmly in the aquatic, oceanic space, giving you a sense of fresh, slightly salted water flowing over your skin. A fusing citrusy marine trail composed around tangerine, neroli and wavy aquatic notes lends way to a sparkling cocktail that are layered on top of a lasting marine heart.
    • Magnolia Bliss is playful, feminine and vibrant. Inspired by the Flower Power movement of the 70’s, this ‘Peace in a Bottle’ fragrance showcases the bold blossoms of the magnolia tree. As the petals open, a signal of spring is in the air.
    • Pear Inc. is inspired by a fruit with mysterious curves and invigorating properties. A bite into its succulent flesh and the skin is suddenly resplendent. The soul, for its part, is promised to an eternal youth that delights in braving the forbidden. Composed around Pear, Musk and Ambroxan, paying tribute to this irresistible fruit that has a taste of sunshine.
    • Musc Invisible, If you could curl up in a fragrance, this would feel like the perfect fit. Vintage cotton meets fresh-pressed linen, both spun on a loom as white-petaled jasmine blossoms are weaved into this fluffy air of comfort. Clean but warm, an animalic musk this is not; like its name, it sits on the side of sheer white musks, veiling itself invisibly over your skin.
    • Vanilla Vibes is inspired by the sun kissing your face, the warm sand caressing your feet. After you rub suntan lotion onto your bare skin, you’re drawn to the water’s edge. There, you’re greeted with a freshly picked orchid flower to adorn your sun-warmed hair. Settle into your surroundings as the salt air mingles with vanilla, benzoin and tonka for a glowing finish. It’s perfectly summer, preserved in a bottle.
    • MMMM... diverges from the typical approach and embraces full-on gourmand yumminess. But don't expect edibility in Mmmm.... While it's obviously an almondy, vanillic delight, it's still packed with floral notes, woods, and peppery geranium.
    • Lady vengeance's trick is that she gets her revenge through some clever sleight of hand and pure charm before revealing smoky, darker, caramelized corners. We can thank patchouli for the yang to rose's yin.
    • Not a Perfume is clean, pure and unique. Usually used in perfumery as a base note, it plays the lead role here giving off an ambery, musky, wood aroma. The result is minimalist, yet intoxicating. Our advice...wear it a few times and see what happens. (5ml)