Histoires de Parfums


  • In the first moments of Irreverent, you might think the perfumer is being ironic, because this lovely harmony of bergamot, elemi, and lavender feels like a reverential bow to the gods of scent. But then oud explodes onto the scene and coffee makes a surprise appearance, and that's how you know things have gotten interesting. Irreverent is abstract art in which the elements hover at the edge of disharmony but never cross the line. Glorious. Notes include bergamot, elemi, lavender, coffee, oud, styrax, patchouli, sandalwood, and amber. 

  • Histoires de Parfums, founded by Gérald Ghislain, is a French perfume house dedicated to creating an olfactive library that tells the stories of "famous characters, raw materials, and mythical years." Ghislain founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 after completing his training at ISIPCA.