Incense Flash sample

  • This is a 2.25 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    It's here: the third and long-anticipated scent in the Tauerville line from Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer. Incense Flash is a dry, woody scent centered around a rough, weathered leather that smoothes into supple newness, almost like a beloved pair of boots aging in reverse. The incense is most pronounced at the top, blanketing the leather in the rich, cozy earth tones of autumn. Notes include leather, musky woods, ambergris, and natural Boswellia serrata incense.  
  • Andy Tauer is an independent perfumer based in Switzerland. He is a self-taught artisan whose eye (and nose) for quality shines through everything he creates.  Read a Q&A with Andy about what a cologne really is (hint: it has nothing to do with gender) or learn more at www.tauerville.com or  www.tauerperfumes.com
  • Incense Flash was inspired by natural Boswellia serrata incense.