Eau Moderne Sample

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    You’ve been calling all men’s fragrance “cologne”? This is the real deal: an eau de cologne made for a liberal splashing whenever the mood strikes. Cologne just refers to the scent's light concentration, focal citrus notes, and lack of heavy base notes. It comes in a large splash bottle with an optional spray pump and has the kind of lasting power you rarely see in an eau de cologne. The included instructions say it all: "Generously splashed or sprayed. Chilled or not. For men and women." Notes include Andalusian bitter orange, bergamot, and iris root.
  • Rather than a single artist, Thirdman is headed by a "tribe," says creative director Jean-Christophe Le Greves. Le Greves is the mastermind behind the brand, Bruno Jovanovic is the nose who created Eau Nomade... but who is the "Thirdman"? He's the co-founder who wishes to remain anonymous, keeping the focus on the quality of the work rather than the famous name behind it. Think of Thirdman as the anti-celebrity-fragrance company. Read a  Q&A with Jean-Christophe Le Greves  of Thirdman or learn more at .
  • Eau Moderne was inspired by the minimalist beauty of the iris root.