Eau Inexplicable Sample

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    How to explain the Inexplicable? First, it's an eau de cologne, which means it's lightly concentrated and meant to be applied liberally, so have at it. Second, it eschews, the bright citrus opening of most colognes and opts for a grassy, herbal, and totally masculine vibe. To us, this is 100% James Bond fresh out of the shower. Now, which Bond girl can we ask to see whether we're right... Notes include sage, pink pepper, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, and cedar.
  • Rather than a single artist, Thirdman is headed by a "tribe," says creative director Jean-Christophe Le Greves. Le Greves is the mastermind behind the brand, but who is the "Thirdman"? He's the co-founder who wishes to remain anonymous, keeping the focus on the quality of the work rather than the famous name behind it. Think of Thirdman as the anti-celebrity-fragrance company. Read a  Q&A with Jean-Christophe Le Greves  of Thirdman or learn more at .