Eau de la Reine Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    An interpretation of the classic formulation of a Queen of Hungary spirit water with notes of rosemary, mimosa, rose, violet leaf, and thyme. Originating in 1370, this fluid is considered to be the oldest alcohol-based perfume and the inspiration for the famous Florida Water. According to the legend, this seemingly magical water enabled the Queen of Hungary, aged 70 years, to rejuvenate herself, seduce, and marry the King of Poland.


    Notes include rosemary, mimosa, rose, violet leaf, and thyme.

  • Lvnea, a Canadian house,  pronounced: [lou - nay - uh] explores the spaces between the natural world and that of the ethereal. With a focus on pure plant essences and unexpected aromatic combinations, raw materials from rare natural extractions are sourced from around the world to evoke distant memories and awaken unwritten desires. Each scent begins as a distinct story, transforming the conceptual into high olfactory art. Traditional French parfumerie techniques are juxtaposed with luxuriantly minimal design, creating scents that are at once reminiscent of another world, yet deeply familiar.