Mona di Orio

Eau Absolue sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Eau Absolue, from the Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Collection, is the result of a formula that perfumer Mona di Orio left behind before her untimely passing. It effervesces like a summer breeze carrying a bouquet of bergamot, mandarin, clementine, and petitgrain. Eau Absolue becomes earthy and softly floral, with whispers of geranium, dry vetiver, and balsamic St. Thomas bay leaf. The nocturnal shade intensifies, arching ever deeper, until plunging directly into a caress of cistus labdanum, the ambery smell of the Mediterranean, and sensual musk, an elegant and intoxicating denouement. 
  • Mona di Orio was born and raised in France, and she graduated from art school with a degree in fine arts and literature before a meeting with Master Perfumer Edmond Roudnitska changed her life. She studied at his side for a number of years before starting her own fragrance line with partner Jeroen Oude Sogtoen in 2005. "I have always been fascinated by fragrances, an inexhaustible source of surprise and emotion," di Orio once said. "As a child, I was so happy to discover new scents through the olfactory mazes of my childhood homes and gardens.” In December 2011, Mona di Orio passed away at the young age of 42 from complications after an operation, leaving behind a legacy of brilliant work, both launched and yet unlaunched. Read a  Q&A with Mona's partner Jeroen Oude Sogtoen  or learn more at
  • Eau Absolue is a memoir steeped in Mona di Orio’s love for the Mediterranean.