Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Discovery Set

  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique is a French house launched in 1974. Many of its scents are inspired by the islands of the South Pacific, and its founders were inspired to create fragrances after a trip to Polynesia. Try 7 of their best sellers in their discovery set today!

    • Vanille Abricot is a delicious association of gourmand and juicy fruits with tropical flowers resting on a confortable background of sandlwood and musk. Notes include jackfruit, apricot, papaya, sugar candy, vanilla pod.
    • Vanille Blackberry is a pretty, confident rose-jasmine floral with just enough gourmand to warm it up and make it addictive. Notes include lemon, bergamot, rose, jasmine, blackberry, pink berries, musk, vanilla, cashmere woods.
    • Vanille Coco is a light wind, soft and delicious, blows gently across heavenly islands and brings back dreamlike scents: island vanilla, cocoa milk, heliotrope... Journey to distant lands and an escape.
    • Vanille Extreme is a rich and gourmand combination which features the powdery notes of vanilla sugar and heliotrope resting on an unctuous blend of milk and vanilla pod.
    • Coco Extreme is pure in the opening; a freshly cracked coconut with its white pulp glistening in the sun. As the fragrance evolves, it moves into a softer, dustier coconut that turns the fragrance’s freshness into a milky and captivatingly creamy coconut that tilts to the powdery side. Layered with sugary vanilla and velvety almond, it’s a sweet and dreamy concoction, perfect for mid-summer days and cool summer nights.
    • Coco Figue is an exotic, cordial and sensual wake! The heat and the sensuality of the coconut pulp mix with the fruity and sweet parts of the fig for a departure 100% pleasure. The vanilla and sweetened base is prolonged with the marriage of the leaves of coconut and the leaves of fig tree.
    • Aqua Motu is a fresh breeze coming from the high seas blends the invigorating ocean odor and the caressing and discreet warm sand note.
    • This discovery set features 7 fragrance samples in 2 ml glass vials