Dhajala Sample

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    Dhajala doesn't so much leave us at a loss for words as it sends words exploding into our thoughts, like dark, mysterious, sensual, seductive, elegant, regal, rich... Whatever you call it, it's love. Dhajala is, above all, an amber scent, and spraying it feels like wrapping yourself in a luxurious, copper-hued cashmere. It's no surprise that the lucky few who've experienced Dhajala put it among their top scents of all time. As in all Xerjoff fragrances, the quality is outstanding. Notes include bergamot, orange flower, galbanum, rose, jasmine, pink pepper, Tonkiphora balsam, Myroswelia balsam, and amber.
  • Xerjoff is an Italian niche luxury house created by Sergio Momo and Dominique Salvo in 2003. Its aim is to produce fragrance art that incorporates other senses—striking design for the eye; sturdy, high-quality flacons for touch—to create an immersive experience for perfume lovers.