The Different Company

De Bachmakov Sample

  • This is a 2.25 ml spray sample.  

    Looking out over Russian taiga and tundra, it’s sometimes difficult to tell where one thing ends and another begins. Such is the case for this scent, made in tribute to these very landscapes. There's the leathery green coriander leaves that you pick up on first smell. There's the fig and freesia that function less like individual notes and more like conjoined accords to make up the open sweetness of mountainous air. There's even the subdued, musky cedar appearing after the vegetal symphony fades (but never completely). But picking apart the parts of the whole misses the point. This scent’s magic lies in its ability to transport you to an expansive landscape where notes are less the notes themselves and more pieces of total harmony. This is a scent that takes you to a tangible, felt place, a place you can spray and keep coming back to. You'll smell something different every time you visit. Notes include coriander leaves, bergamot, fig, shiso, nutmeg, white freesia, cedarwood, and white musk.
  • The Different Company is a creative collaboration of some of the world's top perfumers to create modern French perfumes.