Cher Wood Sample

  • When you think of the storied French perfumers of old, you should be imagining Molinard, created in 1849 in Grasse. Recently, the company released La Collection Privée featuring Cher Wood, a perfume that we snapped up the instant we smelled it. This is a fragrance that is so thoroughly French in its elegance, yet perfectly modern and ageless. It features just a touch of oud, a note that can overpower compositions but here is rendered delicate in a symphony of rich woods and airy amber. Cher Wood is a timeless beauty that feels like a new revelation every time we smell it. Notes include fruit-floral accords, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, agarwood, amber, and vanilla. 
  • Molinard is an iconic French perfume house that has been designing scents since 1849.