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Branch & Vine sample

  • This is a 2.25 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    This 100% natural eau de cologne and brand-new release from natural perfumer Charna Ethier is an olfactory snapshot of nature’s most verdant summer scene cooled in a late afternoon shade. Branch & Vine opens with a mix of intensely green notes, including a refreshing tomato leaf, before the floral heart blossoms. In time, the greenery fades, the flowers linger, and the grassy, woodsy base completes a composition that unfolds like the winding down of summer’s last days. Notes: Sunflower, green orange, mimosa, muguet leaf accord, neroli, jasmine sambac, vetiver, fir, and violet leaf. Learn more in the  Branch & Vine How to Smell guide .
  • Providence Perfume Company was created by Charna Ethier to embrace the finest natural botanical ingredients from around the world. After spending years working for large beauty and fragrance companies, she desired to create her own line of perfumes that were truly natural. Drawing from her youth spent in the rural farmland of New England with parents who could only be described as devout hippies, she began the slow process of becoming a natural perfumer, studying the properties of botanicals and the aromas of a youth spent in the country. Charna lives in Providence, RI, with her family, where she enjoys teaching natural perfumery classes at her boutique at 301 Wickenden Street.  Read a  Q&A with Charna  or learn more at
  • "I was inspired to create Branch & Vine upon examining our small garden. With the recent opening of our boutique, tasks such as weeding the garden have fallen by the wayside. After a few weeks of neglect, I was dismayed to see the wild tangle of vines and leaves the garden had become. Morning glory vines wrapped tight around tomato plants, remnants of lily of the valley still pushing their way into the plot, mint taking over—and the aroma of this wild garden was incredible. The concept of a new summer cologne based on these scent profiles was intriguing. I liked the idea of creating an eau de cologne that wasn't built on the standard citrus model." —Charna Ethier, Providence Perfume Co. Read more in a  Q&A with Charna