Black Smoke

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      On the first inhale, Black Smoke transcends. It leads you to a quiet space, shrouded in darkness. This place is sacred and surreal. The richness and depth of sandal and cedar woods, vetiver and ambergris lure you in even further. There is a sense of sacredness here that you cannot describe with words but can only feel within. A place of introspection. A place of self-reflection. A place where your body relaxes, your mind becomes still and you fall into…you. 


      Notes include carrot seeds, lemon, lily of the valley, carnation, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, ambergris, cedarwood, vanilla absolute, and patchouli.


    • Potentia, discovering human potential through perfumery. Black Smoke was created by Beth Nonte Russell in partnership with Pierre Negrin in 2018. Read our Q&A with Beth  here!