Gallagher Fragrances

Bergamust Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    We love a good aquatic scent with some depth, and Bergamust is a great aquatic scent. As the name implies, it opens with zingy, citrusy bergamot before taking a deeper dive into the base notes. Perfumer Daniel Gallagher made Bergamust when he was trying to find a perfect scent for a summer vacation at a riverside cabinet. He couldn't find one, so he made one instead. We can see why this newcomer in the fragrance world is seeing Bergamust jump to the top of must-have lists.


     Notes include bergamot, ocean mist, cedar, orange blossom, and white amber musk .  


  • Daniel Gallagher is an artisan perfumer who is based in Texas and also happens to be an Air Force Major. How cool is that? Learn more about Gallagher Fragrances in our  BLOG .