Aviation Club Sample

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    Aviation Club was inspired by a Parisian poker club that once was a social establishment frequented by aviators in earlier times. Perfumer Isabelle Michaud visited the club while studying perfumery in 2006, and the ambience -- green felt tables, dark wood panels, tobacco-heavy air -- so influenced her that she decided to turn the memory into a perfume. Aviation Club is unabashedly masculine and exactly how we imagine a dashing young aviator, circa 1940, to smell. Notes include lemon, fig leaf, black pepper, cardamom, lily of the valley, pimento berry, cedarwood, patchouli, opoponax, labdanum, coffee, tobacco, leather, and ambergris. 
  • Isabelle Michaud attended the renowned ISIPCA perfume institute in Versailles, where she acquired the perfume "savoir-faire" that would allow her to bring Monsillage to life. The company was born two years later -- the result of a somewhat disorienting life path that has achieved, much like a spinning top, surprising balance.