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    Translated as “strong water”, here we have a perfumed thesis on the duality of lightness and strength. All the bright breeziness you could ever want in a Mediterranean-style perfume, loaded with bergamot, lemon, and petitgrain is here, but with a tenacity that somehow never betrays the delicacy. Italian citrus is wrapped in a deep blanket of warm iris and grounding vetiver, as gentle white florals are wisps on the wind. It’s summer air and comforting earth. It’s bright Italian coast, but with the quietude of sundown. It’s sparkling, salty freshness of the water, but the confidence of the tide. And those of you looking for that ever-elusive all day citrus? We have two words for you: Ta. Da.

    Notes include Buddha’s hand lemon essence, petitgrain lemon tree essence, calabrian bergamot essence, sambac absolute, tangerine tree flower, lavender absolute, vetiver coeur essence, zedoary essence and iris absolute.

  • Wilgermain is a luxury fragrance house founded by industry expert Francisco Gratacos. Designed to appeal to both the most demanding fragrance afficionado and the individual buying a niche fragrance for the first time, Wilgermain offers a carefully curated collection of exceptional scents conceived to explore a broad range of fragrant themes.