Ulrich Lang New York

Aperture sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Aperture, like other fragrances from perfume creator Ulrich Lang, was inspired by a photograph. The photo, by talented young photographer Olivia Bee, captures a young man's silhouette against a vivid sunset with bright bands of violet, orange, and indigo—the camera's aperture set wide open to put the subject in sharp focus against the hazy, dreamlike sky.


    What we love is how the perfume corresponds to the colors of the photograph, with fizzy, light aldehydes at the top; warm, bright notes of tobacco and woods in the heart; and a deep bed of woods. A portion of proceeds from Aperture goes to the Aperture Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing photography. 


    Notes include aldehydes, pink pepper, black pepper, white pepper, tobacco, jasmine, cedarwood, muguet, musk, vetiver, ambergris, animalic notes, and amber.

  • Ulrich Lang is a former L'Oreal executive who began creating his own perfume line in 2002. Lang is a longtime lover and collector of contemporary photography, and his scents are often conceptually inspired by the art of photography. His eponymous line features five scents, and Lang is also co-founder of Elements Showcase, a marketplace for established and emerging artists in the world of beauty and fragrances design. Learn more at  Ulrich Lang New York.
  • "The serenity of the sunset in [Olivia] Bee’s image has been translated using vibrant pink and white pepper, aldehydes, and a dash of floral illumination from a fine jasmine and muguet. These sit atop a dark silhouette of black pepper, cedarwood, and tobacco—calm, and still. The summation: a warm all-encompassing glow of civet, ambergris, amber and musk—powerful, contemplative, and surreal.”"  —Ulrich Lang