The Different Company


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    With an exotic and wild breath, Adjatay comes at you with a devilish sensuality, a forbidden sweetness hidden amongst the white flower floralcy that devours you. Inspired by a tuberose flower brought back from Grasse left forgotten in unpretentious black leather bag. The stubborn warmth of the flower mingling with the raw leather gave way to its silky animal notes within. It’s wild yet elegant, tender yet loud, ultimately hypnotic, and untamable. A dangerous ritual engulfed by narcotic waves; it’s sex wrapped in a bouquet of flowers.

    Notes include ylang-ylang, mandarin, tuberose, jasmine, heliotrope, leather, tonka bean, musk, sandalwood, styrax. 

  • For centuries, luxury has been synonymous with rarity, quality, precision and inaccessibility. But little by little, it has become more popular, standardizing the offer. The Different Company was born within this century, at a time when perfume lovers are turning away from the novelties of the big brands, which today tend to create juices intended to please the greatest number, and are in search of unique and rare perfumes.