2020 Best Sellers for Women Sample Pack

  • The numbers are in! These are the  Top 5 bestselling fragrances for Women in 2020!  Get your hands on this sample pack at 10% off the price of  á la carte samples and experience the best  of 2020! A complimentary mystery bonus 6th fragrance will be included too!

    • Blondine by Frassai will take you to a faraway land where a princess slips unnoticed through the gates of her castle. She tiptoes down an enchanted path of fragrant flowers and delicate leaves. Close your eyes and join her journey through the white floral gardens of her sweet-smelling kingdom.
    • Angeleno by Yosh was designed for body and soul. This aura spray is eternal sunshine in a bottle — young, fresh, fabulous. This vibrational fragrance resonates with the 4th chakra - affinity for self. When you love yourself, you radiate a sparkling luminosity.  
    • Avocado Toast by DSH Perfumes was inspired by the trendy brunch staple. What’s really terrific about Avocado Toast is that it feels fresh, creamy, and deliciously toasty all at the same time.
    • Sex & Jasmine by Libertine Fragrances is sexy, sultry, and oh-so dirty in the nicest of ways. It brings out the forbidden side of indole-induced jasmine and wraps it in vanilla-soaked bourbon and sticky sandalwood absolute. 
    • Geisha Botan by Aroma M is a walk in a Japanese garden. Imagine strolling the graveled path of a Japanese garden with lush bouquets of peony flowers pressed in on either side of you.
    • Features 5 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • **Bonus 6th fragrance will be included for free while supplies last! 
    • This sample pack tilts more feminine