Meet the founder

Photo: Jennifer Avello

Olfactif is about perfume as an art form and a personal expression. It’s about the power of scent to move you, inspire you, and reflect who you truly are.

When I discovered niche perfume, I was instantly hooked. I ditched most of my cookie-cutter department-store scents and started exploring unique, beautiful fragrances that reflect who I am—and, sometimes, who I want to be. There's nothing like a power scent for when I want to feel my most confident, a tranquil scent to put me in the mood for a lazy Sunday morning, or a sultry scent (with just a bit of growl) for date night. I love the way these scents connect me to the artisans who make them—artisans who put their heart and soul into the craft of scentmaking.

I knew there were a lot of people out there who love perfume, are bored by the mass-market, and don’t even know something better exists. That's why I founded Olfactif. That's why we're here.