Meet the founder

Photo: Jennifer Avello

Olfactif is about perfume as an art form and a personal expression. It isn’t about trends or mass marketing—it’s about the power of scent to move you, inspire you, and reflect who you truly are.

When I discovered niche perfume, I was instantly hooked. I ditched most of my cookie-cutter department-store scents and started exploring unique, beautiful fragrances that reflect who I am—and, sometimes, who I want to be. There's nothing like a power scent for when I want to feel my most confident, a tranquil scent to put me in the mood for a lazy Sunday morning, or a sultry scent (with just a bit of
growl) for date night. I love the way these scents connect me to the artisans who make them—artisans who put their heart and soul into the craft of scentmaking.
I knew there were a lot of people out there who love perfume, are bored by the mass-market, and don’t even know something better exists. That's why I founded Olfactif. That's why we're here.

Get scents that are truly you

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter department-store scents made for the masses. Each month, get 3 truly unique fragrances created by artists passionate about the art and craft of scentmaking.

Up-level your experience

No pushy department store salespeople here—just you, your nose, and your style. Shop your way, by subscribing to monthly collections, choosing your own à la carte samples, or buying full bottles. 

Build a wardrobe of scents

Design your personal scent wardrobe and change up your scents based on the season, the occasion, and even your mood. You'll have the trendsetting scents that everyone will soon be talking about.