Choose your scents

This month, we're giving select customers a chance to experience customer favorites they might have missed. Need help choosing? Here's some guidance.

Emotional Rescue

By Mark Buxton. A zesty, meditative vetiver. A classic, like Buxton himself.

The Gold

By The Sum. A perfectly unisex mix of bright spices and sandalwood. One of our favorites of 2017.

City on Fire

By Imaginary Authors. A dark-as-night take on woods, cardamom, resins, and smoke.

White Pepper Mandarin

By Note Fragrances. A bright, zesty, woody shot of perfection.

Field Notes from Paris

By Ineke. An absolute classic of woods, coriander, and tobacco leaf. There's nothing else like it.


By Ulrich Lang New York. Cedarwood, spices, honeyed tobacco. Deep and richly layered.

Cape Heartache

By Imaginary Authors. Douglas fir, smoky resins, lively greens. A cult favorite.

Santal Wood

By Montale. An aquatic sandalwood, perfect for people who enjoy a hint of the ocean.