September 2013: Landscapes

How can a piece of land be so sacred? How can a bit of earth draw us back again and again?

We can’t help feeling that the dirt, rock, and sand on which we stand are witness to the stories of our lives. That the events of the past have left marks on the soil like memories. If the fields, forests, and hills could talk, what would they remember?

Our September collection features three memories of cherished landscapes: of childhood autumn walks through a forest of mossy oak trees, of a verdant seaside town where a mother’s dream was realized, and of crackling, dry summers spent among olive and lemon trees.

Pleasant Promenade
Pleasant Promenade $85
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Pleasant Promenade sample
Pleasant Promenade sample $8
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Siam Proun
Siam Proun $65
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Siam Proun sample
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