The Different Company

Bergamote Sample

  • This is a 2.25 ml spray sample.  

    Bergamot, one of the most widely used perfumery notes, is given a serious makeover by renowned perfumer, and The Different Company co-founder, Jean Claude Ellena. Traditionally a soft, fleeting top note, here, it gets staying power and projection without ever betraying its softness. We're introduced to a juicy, dewy, bergamot with a quiet, lemon-spiced harmony played by ginger. The orange blossom, another common note, is also given a makeover by being combined with gentle, waxy, green leaf notes -- all the majesty of the flower without forsaking the entirety of the plant. This show is set distantly upon a strawberry-green base of rhubarb muskiness with, magically, the top note of bergamot streaking through it all, making a harmonious whole, even as notes keep dancing in and out. Notes include bergamot, ginger, orange blossom, green notes, rhubarb wood, and musk.
  • The Different Company is a creative collaboration of some of the world's top perfumers to create modern French perfumes.