Aetheroxyde Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Far in the distance, you can see the cabin in the woods but is anyone inside? As you walk closer, you can smell freshly cut wood (adoxal). You keep walking and the salty aroma of steam (ethyl acetate) rising from the cabin begins to tickle your nose. Once you arrive, you now smell the wood burning (ambroxan & iso e super) and you open the door. You are captivated, yet at peace. Say hello, you’ve found Aetheroxyde. You are welcome here.


    Notes include ethyl acetate, adoxal, calone, ambroxan, iso e super, ysamber K, hedione, and ambrettolide.




  • Aether, the French house that focuses on the simplicity of synthetic molecules. Citrus Ester  was created by perfumers Amelie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behagel.