2021 Best Sellers for Men Sample Pack

  • The numbers are in! These are the  Top 5 bestselling fragrances for Men in 2021!  Get your hands on this sample pack at 10 % off the price of  á la carte samples and experience  the   best  of 2021! A complimentary mystery bonus 6th fragrance will be included too!

    • Infatuated by ILK Perfume Infatuated rubber accords rubbed against oud while being underpinned by dark woods and spicy leather. Lightened by the presence of pear, custard, powdery lavender and wet grass, this scent is so good you could almost lick it...
    • Midnight Ride by Bluehill Fragrances is inspired by the historic ride of Paul Revere in 1775 announcing “The British are coming!” Green and herbaceous notes of artemisia mingle with a freshly shaved nutmeg as you fall into a wooded path of conifers and evergreens and slightly smoked woods. And yes, a leather saddle.  
    • The Original by Eight & Bob is the fragrance of beloved JFK. The bottle, hidden inside a book, reveals the woody freshness that is both classic and mysterious. Opening fresh and drying down to warmth; amber, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood twist this classic into a modern whiff with a zest of pink peppercorn and just a hint of creamy hazelnut.
    • Undergrowth by Rook Perfume can be found where the earth lies, the edges of a dark forest. On a chilled, overcast day, reach down and feel the earth with your hands as you pull up mint from the dampened soil beneath you. A slight hint of eucalyptus gives way to a crisp camphor note in this earthy-green, somewhat familiar, more so intriguing fragrance. Trust us, just wear it.
    • Vocation by DALEGERARD is fresh, clean, and energetic. You're a magnet in how others are attracted to your energy. It goes against the traditional thick and heady patchouli and gives us a cleaner, brighter, fresher side of patchouli with the distillation of its leaf. The fusion of bitter orange and bergamot add to this lift with a drying contradiction of the ambergris filling in its woody signature.
    • Features 5 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • Includes enough fragrance for 15 - 20 wearings in each vial
    • **Bonus 6th fragrance will be included for free while supplies last! 
    • This sample pack tilts more masculine