Dame Perfumery Scottsdale

Soliflore Mimosa

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    Don't miss the perfume oil rollerball!The mimosa flower is a vibrant yellow pom-pom that grows in crowded bunches at the ends of the branches of a mimosa tree. It has a delicate heliotrope-like scent as cheerful as its color, and it's often blended in compositions to play up the floral qualities of other notes. Mimosa lovers sometimes say it has a child-like sweetness, and perhaps that's because it smells of days spent running barefoot through sun-warmed grass. That may be why so many have said that Soliflore Mimosa is a perfume brimming with happy nostalgia.  
  • Dame Perfumery Scottsdale is the creation of Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborates on the project with his son, Cullen, a budding scent aficionado and artist, with whom he has built a new line of modern American perfumes.