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Soliflore Gardenia Perfume Oil Rollerball

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    Don't miss the eau de toilette! Do you know what gardenia smells like? It is almost impossible to describe, because gardenia--as you know if you're familiar with it--smells like gardenia. It's inimitable. Gardenia also gives off no natural scent when distilled, so the effort to recreate a perfect gardenia scent has long been the perfumer's quest. That's why a perfect gardenia soliflore--a scent that tries to capture the true-to-nature smell of the flower--is so challenging to achieve. But here it is. It comes in a deep, rich, concentrated oil applied with a rollerball.

    Soliflore Gardenia Perfume Oil from Dame Perfumery brings the gardenia to life in all of her velvety, bright-white glory in a deep, rich oil that stays close to the skin. Reviewers everywhere have been astounded by this unassuming creation, and we're pretty sure you will be, too. Spray, close your eyes, and breathe in a gardenia bush in full bloom.  
  • Dame Perfumery Scottsdale is the creation of Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborates on the project with his son, Cullen, a budding scent aficionado and artist, with whom he has built a new line of modern American perfumes.  Find out more about Dame Perfumery Scottsdale in our  BLOG .