DSH Perfumes

Café Noir

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    It’s Sunday morning and you are walking into your favorite coffee shop. They are just starting to brew pots of coffee as the heady aroma comes billowing out the door as you walk inside. No frothy lattes here, Café Noir has been a best-seller for DSH since 1997 for good reason! It’s intoxicatingly smooth, spiced with ground cinnamon bark a just a twist of black pepper. Resinous nuances give it complexity beyond the noir coffee essence. Sit with it a bit as the vintage vibe asserts itself as you walk out of the coffee shop ready to slay the day.


    Notes include cinnamon, pepper, paprika, bergamot, benzoin, french labdanum, jasmine, rose, coffee, tolu balsam and vanilla. 

  • Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a niche perfumer based on Boulder, Co. She began her perfumery career in Boston's Essence Perfumery. Dawn is a prolific creator, regularly launching scents under her own line as well as aroma-artistic collaborations with the Denver Art Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and others.