Etat Libre d'Orange

You or Someone Like You

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      The fragrant companion to New York Times perfume critic Chandler Burr’s novel of the same name, the perfume and novel centers around Anne, a recent transplant to the crisp Los Angeles air, with a penchant for gardening. Realistic, dewy greens, city ozone, and the slightest hint of something earthy tell a whole story without a single word. What story? As Mr. Burr himself says, “The work is the work. If you need to know what it’s made of, don’t wear it; You is not for you.” A perfume for dreamers to decide…

      Notes include mint, grapefruit, bergamot, anise, green notes, cassis, rose and hedione, and white musk.

    • État Libre d'Orange, or Orange Free State, was created by Etienne de Swardt to be a provocative, intelligent line, each perfume with a point of view. In the Free Orange State, there are no constraints and nothing is off limits. As the company declares in its manifesto, "Perfume is dead. Long live perfume!"