July 2013: On Holiday

The July 2013 Olfactif collection, "On Holiday," is a joyous celebration of summer vacation—of laziness on the beach, of reuniting with nature, of reveling with friends until the morning hours because you can sleep in anyway. Switch the phone to silent, turn on the email auto-responder at work, and forget about the soul-crushing commute. Without the stresses of daily life, we can become our most basic selves, fully guided by our senses. What do we feel like doing in this very moment? Reading. Sleeping. Daydreaming. Nothing. That's what we'll do. There is no must on holiday.

The three perfumes we've chosen to accompany us are mini-holidays themselves—olfactory portals to worlds where worries temporarily dissolve. So find a small slice of time to put up your feet, open your collection, and be transported far from where you really are.

Bombay Bling
Bombay Bling $125
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Bombay Bling sample
Bombay Bling sample Oh no! This item is currently sold out. - $10
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Perfect Coconut Milk
Perfect Coconut Milk $75
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Perfect Coconut Milk sample
Perfect Coconut Milk sample $8
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White Classic Edition sample
White Classic Edition sample $6
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