December 2013: Evening

One minute and thirty seconds: That's how much daylight, on average, we are losing each day. By December, darkness consumes well more than half of our daily time. But how can we begrudge the darkness when it is filled with such delight? In December, life is lived in the evenings. 

Our December collection has three perfumes perfect for all of our December nights. There's a scent for the quiet evening fireside, with a blanket and book for company. There's a scent for the happy gatherings of loved ones that ground us and remind us where we come from. And there's a scent for dressing up in our glittery best and heading to parties, full of hope for the new year to come.

Au Lait
Au Lait $70
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Black Angel
Black Angel $195
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Night sample
Night sample $6
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Au Lait sample
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Black Angel sample
Black Angel sample $10
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