Jardins d'Écrivains


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    Oscar Wilde was one of the wittiest writers of his era. Despite being written in the late 1800s, his work stands the test of time—and so, too, will this scent inspired by him. Perfumer Anaïs Biguine created a sunny, zingy scent that conjures the experience of walking through a vineyard on a cool summer morning: dew on the leaves, fruits ripening on the vine, the scent of carnations and trees floating through the air. Notes include bergamot, grape, fig, carnation, tea, oakmoss, and vetiver. 
  • When creating the world of Jardins D’Écrivains (Gardens of Writers), French perfumer Anaïs Biguine naturally combined two of her passions: gardens and literature. The perfumes, colognes, candles, and bath products in her line are all homage to her most beloved writers and literary characters, and each conveys the personalities behind the personas or the places where they lived and created their art. As she designs olfactory symbols of an era, character, or place, Biguine seeks out every relevant detail so that she, too, can tell a beautiful story. Read a  Q&A with Anaïs about how she interpreted Oscar Wilde  in perfume form, a  Q&A to learn about how Anaïs got her start ,   or learn more at
  • Wilde was inspired by the witty aphorisms of Irish writer Oscar Wilde.