Tauer Perfumes

Cologne du Maghreb sample

  • (Note: The full-bottle size of this product has been discontinued.) Some scents come alive in warm weather, and Andy Tauer's Cologne du Maghreb is one of them. This all-natural, all-botanical fragrance is loaded with bright pops of citrus, but there's a twist in the base: oriental notes like cistus, vetiver, and cedarwood. Together, they make a refreshing juice that bridges the East and West and leaves you energized and happy. Oh, and here's a pro tip you can break out at parties: "Cologne" has never meant "for men"; it refers simply to the concentration and structure of a scent. So men and women alike can grab this scent, spray it liberally, and spray it often. Notes include citrus accord, cistus, ambreine, cedarwood, Java vetiver oil, bergamot, lemon, neroli, orange blossom, lavender, rosemary, rose absolute, rose essential oil, and clary sage.
  • Andy Tauer is an independent perfumer based in Switzerland. He is a self-taught artisan whose eye (and nose) for quality shines through everything he creates.  Read a Q&A with Andy about what a cologne really is (hint: it has nothing to do with gender) or learn more at
  • Cologne du Maghreb is inspired by Andy's travels to Morocco and his desire to create an all-natural eau de cologne. As he says, "The lands of the orient sun bring us more tones than just oudh and dark woods."